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Sinaloa Clubs

Clubs Offered at Sinaloa

After-School Sports: Sports competition between Sinaloa, Valley View, and Hillside with boys’ and girls’ teams. Fall = Basketball, Winter = volleyball, Spring = soccer. Coaches: Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Becchina (meeting places TBA)

Legos/Boardgames: Do you love to play games? Want a fun place to hang out at lunch? Then come to Boardgames Club and get your game on! Sponsor: Mrs. Burns (room C-14) 

Builders Club: A service organization sponsored by our local Kiwanis chapter. This club performs many outstanding community service projects to help out in Simi Valley and beyond. Sponsors: Ms. Lightfoot and Mrs. Sheehan (room D-11)

Club Disney: Are you a fan of the Mouse with the Most? Is Disneyland your home-away-from-home? Come participate in Disney crafts, discussions, projects, games, and more! Sponsor: Mrs. Schopp (room C-11)

Computer Lab: Need a place to take AR tests, type up essays, or work on projects? The Computer Lab is open at lunch to give you a place to work! Sponsor: Mr. Knizek (B-15 lab)

Drama Club: Do your friends tell you you’re “so dramatic”? Do you love to be on stage and entertain? Come join Drama Club and help put on our annual Sinaloa school play! Sponsor: Mrs. Karin (room IA-5)

English HW Help/Computer Lab: Struggling in English? Want some extra help with your English homework or just a place to get it done? Come to get help in English for any grade level. This club is held in the computer lab so you can take AR quizzes, too! Sponsor: Mrs. Aras (B-15 lab)

Fitness Lab: The Fitness Lab will be open at lunch for any students who want to get a little workout in! Proper footwear and clothing are REQUIRED. Sponsors: Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Miller (in the Fitness Lab; 2nd semester only)

History HW Help: Struggling in history? Want some extra help with your history homework or just a place to get it done? Come to get help in history for any grade level. Sponsor: Mrs. Gerfen (room D-26)

Homework Help: Needing some extra help with homework in any of your classes? Or would you just like a quiet place to get your work done? Then come to Homework Help! Sponsors: Miss Kneff (room C-13 after school); Mr. Smith (room B-28 at lunch)

Intramurals: A chance to have a little fun at lunch and participate in some competitions as well. Various activities run throughout the year 
and advertised on the morning announcements. See Mrs. Lee for details.

Math HW Help: Struggling in math? Want some extra help with your math homework or just a place to get it done, or want to solve math brainteasers and riddles? Come to get help in math for any grade level. Sponsors: Mrs. Visage (room B-14 at lunch) and Mrs. Schopp (room C-11 after school, 1st semester)/Mrs. Georgieva (room C-23 after school; 2nd semester)

Movie Club: Want a place to hang out at lunch and watch some of the world’s finest cinematic features? Then come to Movie Club and see a variety of great movies! Sponsor: Mr. Rice (room C-22)


Robotics/Coding: Do you want to learn how to program robots and other computer skills? Sinaloa is offering an after school club in conjunction with Royal High School. They will meet every Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:15 in room C-14. Sponsor: Mrs. Burns (room C14)

Quizbowl: Are you a trivia buff? Do you love to watch Jeopardy? Wanna compete against Valley View and Hillside with your knowledge? Then come join Quizbowl! Sponsor: Mr. Leeds (room C-12)

Science HW Help: Struggling in science? Want some extra help with your science homework or just a place to get it done? Come to get help in science for any grade level. Sponsor: Mr. Rice (room C-22)

Teens for Christ: A lunchtime club with a focus on fun, fellowship, and feeding the spirit. Come gather with others to share and strengthen your beliefs. Sponsor: Mrs. Templeton (room C-24)

Woodworking: Do you like to build things? Wishing you’d taken woodshop for your elective this semester (or did you take it but you want more)? A great opportunity to build woodworking projects. Sponsor: Mr. Knizek (room IA-4)